Application Development

Enterprise. Mobile.


Businesses partner with Digicomm to create technology strategies that generates efficiency, productivity and competitiveness. We bring together business knowledge, skilled software developers, and adept project management. The results are applications that help businesses compete, grow and manage profitability.

We help businesses create their own implementation of ERP/CRM integration. Talk to us about how we help companies achieve the full integration of Sales, inventory, invoicing and accounting – without spending a fortune on the bloated, overpriced and efficiency killing packages being touted as the SAP solution.


Mobile applications are not a one size fits all. We can help businesses tailor their mobile strategy to identify the target application and devices that will accomplish the company’s vision for its mobile processes. Mobile applications are not a gimmick, they are an extension of a company’s overall technology integration strategy.

Implementing the right software strategy is crucial to creating an asset that will serve your company for many years.